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Welcome Center Merchandise

Creating two city-focused t-shirt designs and a sticker sheet for the Welcome center.

MEDIUM: Digital 
SOFTWARE: Adobe Illustrator

TARGET AUDIENCE: Local Community/Residents, Tourist 

The Lancaster City Welcome Center wanted to add new merchandise to its gift shop. I was tasked to create two T-shirt designs that would appeal to children, represent the city, and add more fun variety to the current merchandise.





I researched by questioning locals and researching what makes Lancaster city unique online. I’ve learned that Lancaster City is one of the few certified welcome cities in the country. This means the city has created policies and programs reflecting its values and commitment to immigrant inclusion. The city culture, while constantly changing, is also steeped deep in Pennsylvania dutch tradition.  With these two main concepts in mind, I started sketching. As for the sticker sheet, assets were taken, and Thaddy Bear vector illustrations from previous explainer videos were repurposed. Thaddy is doing activities you could possibly be doing in Lancaster City.



The distelfink with the Welcome in Pennslivian Dutch surrounded by city rose logos and the Thaddy Bear mascot with sunglasses was approved and refined. I was asked to experiment with possible colors and typography that most effectively convey Lancaster's expressive culture and be a colorful eye-catching piece.