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MEDIUM: Digital 
SOFTWARE: Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Arts 
DELIVERABLES: Digital Assets, Sticker Guidelines, Sticker Mock-Ups
TARGET AUDIENCE: College students and teenagers
TEAM: Student Design Cove

Hypothetical Netflix Children Cartoon Self-Authorship Project

CLIENT/INDUSTRY: School Project, "Netflix"
MEDIUM: Digital 

DELIVERABLES: Digital, Plushie, Stickers
SOFTWARE:  Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, After Effect, Photoshop 

TARGET AUDIENCE: Children Ages 6-10

As a self-authorship project, I wanted to create a fun hypothetical Netflix children's show based on an animation done for a previous course. The premise for the show is for children to "join" or watch Lily Brave the little Gubler in her adventures exploring her home Flordonia, a magical forest, as she learns about teamwork, sharing, courage, and lots more with the help of her family and friends. The goal was to practice making realistic mockups to give the illusion that this could be an official show, work within a company's existing branding guidelines, and create different deliverables to solidify this hypothetical show.


This animation resulted from a big project for an animation course at Millersville University. The concept was to create an animation that would showcase love in some shape or form. In this case, love is shown in the way of family, the parents defending and comforting their child. I took this concept and expanded upon it further for the self-authorship project. 

I started a mood board to understand better children's shows' types and illustration styles on Netflix and television. Looking at my old animation style and using the mood board, I came up with a name/logo for the show. When I first created the original animation, I merely named it Don'tDon't Bully The Flower Child, but that name wasn't right for an official children's cartoon. I switched the name from Lata, which means rose or flower in a different language, to Roos Garden to eventually Lily Brave.


For the final logo, I found a typeface of Chaloops Bold, with thick strokes and yet a playful tone, which was perfect for a children's show and matched with the general style of the animation. The dot over me, or the title, is a yellow flower. I wanted to incorporate the theme of flowers, given that they play a prominent role in the original video and this new version of the "show." The Main typeface is a heavy black that pops against the pink cloud/flower-like shape, reminiscing the characters' thick outlines and catching the viewer's eye.



For the poster, the idea was to promote the idea of Lily Brave, the little Gubler, going on adventures exploring her home in a magical forest while she learns a lot of life lessons with the help of her family and friends. The poster does this by showcasing the other characters I created for the "world." A varied cast of colorful characters adds depth to the cartoon's "world," A close-up with her loving parents cements this idea. Following Netflix's branding guidelines, the poster and the rest of the deliverables below have an unmodified Netflix logo in an unbusy/simple background in an appropriate placement.