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Dungeons & Dragons Used As Therapy
A Type Only Article Layout Project 

CLIENT/INDUSTRY: School Project, Magzine
MEDIUM: Digital 
SOFTWARE: Indesign
TARGET AUDIENCE: “Health Magazine Readers”


An effective magazine spread doesn't need to be filled with photos to be visually pleasing and communicate the content effectively. This project challenged me to prove that point by creating a magazine layout for an actual online article using only the type for a hypothetical magazine. Taking one of my topics of interest, a tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons, I found an article where the game was being studied and used to treat serious health issues of mental health. Using color, quotations, and other type-only related design elements, I created a simple yet eye-catching type-only magazine spread that would fit a magazine's health and wellness section.


Drafts & Type


After trying out multiple kinds of typefaces, I eventually found and used a free typeface on Behance by Andros Souza called Enguarda. This typeface invokes the feeling of classic fantasy fiction with its bold lines and angles. This typeface is paired with Source Sans Pro and EB Garamond for the subheaders and body copy of the article. I tried out different header placements and content for the longest time to see which way would be the most engaging. After playing around with the size of the text, I realized that color and spacing could be used instead.



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